information on kernel control paths

information on kernel control paths

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is it posible to get information on kernel control paths that are executed in the context of some process. On interrupts?

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Dear eli,

Thanks for the great question.

VTune DEV tells me this functionality does not yet exist with our current product: in a way, it sounds like you want callgraph for kernel processes, yes?

Currently, the call graph software works only on user-level processes; but I've forwarded your idea on.

Please let me know if this makes sense to you, or if I've misunderstood the question.



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Please forward another request for similar kind of functionality: call-graph profiling for kernel and kernel loadable modules code.

In the meanwhile - is it currently possible to use the VTune API (from kernel code) in order to achieve these goals?



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Hi Jeff,
you correctly understood what I meant. I want to trace my code from the time it while it's executed in the kernel as well as in user space.

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