C++ compliance

C++ compliance

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What is the level of C++ compliance of the 7.0 version?

More precisely, which EDG front-end version Intel C++ 7.0 uses?

It's my impression from reading several mailing list and newsgroups that most Windows Intel C++ users picks this compiler because its improved C++ standards compliance over MSVC++. However, Intel gives almost no information about C++ compliance. G++ is not bad at all, but I expect that if Intel comes with an updated EDG front-end it is more compliant than G++, as KAI 4.0 is.

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I just found on your site that you use EDG 3.0. However, IIRC, that version supports 'export', while you claim that your compiler doesn't. Are there more features excluded from the EDG front-end?

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export templates is the only significant standard C++ language feature of EDG's 3.0 release that we don't support in 7.0.

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Thanks for the messsages! To your original question, at any time you can try the __EDG_VERSION__ macro. But based on the insights you showed, you probably already knew that.
I would however like to point out that a lot of work goes into enabling plug and play compatibility with Microsoft on Windows and gcc on Linux.

Clark - Thanks for the authoritative answer.


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