Intel NonCommercial Software that is not for Linux

Intel NonCommercial Software that is not for Linux

I was wondering if any of the non-commercial software that Intel is providing is available for Windows as I would like to play arround with them but do not want to run Linux or have to learn how to use it.

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Hi Christos,

what kind of Windows software are you interested in? In other words which free Intel Linux software you consider useful for you but not available on Windows?

Best regards,

Hello Roman,

I do have the same question as Christos, but in my case is for MAC OS X. I want to run fortran in a mac under lion as well under mountain lion os's.

Thank you very much for your attention.


Ps. or may be, it is possible to run in mac the linux versions?

Here is one of the links you guys may want to check:

And here is another link just in case you're interested in Visual Computing tools:

As for FORTRAN, hrere is the best place to ask Mac OS questions:

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