Maximus IV Extreme-Z

Maximus IV Extreme-Z

I have this motherboard. It has an HD3000 but no adapter. No monitor can plug into it. Somehow ASUS enabled it on the motherboard. It does show up as an adapter. However when I run sys_analyzer i get this:
Version Target Supported Dec Enc 1.0 HW No 1.0 SW Yes X X 1.1 HW No 1.1 SW Yes X X 1.3 HW No 1.3 SW Yes X X 1.3 AUTO SW (max API version of installed SDK)Graphics Devices: Name Version State Intel HD Graphics Family Active NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Active NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Is there anyway I can use the Intel Media SDK with hardware acceleration?Thanks,Kim

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Hi Kim,

Thanks for sharing the output from the new sys_analyzer tool. It helps us better understand the system configuration/environment issues our customers may be facing.
Good to see that the Intel GPU shows up in the devices list (this is not always the case since it can be disabled via the BIOS).

Since your system does not have a physical Intel GPU monitor adapter, could you please try the method proposed by Eric in this post:

Let us know how this work for you.


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