return error information -3 or -4 or -17

return error information -3 or -4 or -17


I have a question,

I used InitRunDecodeClose function at for loop,about decode 500 frame and then

close decode function,restart init decoderun decodeclose deocde.

After running several times will return error information -3 or -4 or -17

Please tell me this may be what causes the error?

System Environment

OS : windows 7 64bit

CPU : I7 2600K

RAM : 8G

Intel Media SDK 2.0 HW 32bit

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I'm not sure if it would be related to your issue, but I noticed you are using 32bit version of Intel Media SDK 2.0.

There is currently an issue seen with 32-bit applications are used.

We are working on root causing this issue as explained in earlier post. In the meantime, are you able to try using the 64-bit version of the SDK? If this works, it might indicate that you are seeing the same issue.

Please watch these forums for updates.



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