CAVLC Enable

CAVLC Enable

How to enable the CAVLC option in the sample_encode?

Can someone give me a sample code?

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to use CAVLC you must use the extended encoding options feature of Intel Media SDK.

See below for an example on to implement this. Please refer to Intel Media SDK samples for details on common code.

// In containing class declaration
mfxExtBuffer*	m_pExtBuf[1];
mfxExtCodingOption m_ExtCO;
mfxVideoParam m_mfxParamsVideo;

// In section of code initializing encoder video paramters
memset(&m_ExtCO, 0, sizeof(mfxExtCodingOption));
m_ExtCO.Header.BufferSz = sizeof(mfxExtCodingOption);
m_mfxParamsVideo.ExtParam = m_pExtBuf;
m_pExtBuf[0] = (mfxExtBuffer*)&(m_ExtCO);
m_mfxParamsVideo.NumExtParam = 1;

// Call to query the encoder
//  (note: make sure to also reference the extended buffer from the Query out structure)
mfxVideoParam actualParams;
actualParams.ExtParam = m_mfxParamsVideo.ExtParam;
actualParams.NumExtParam = m_mfxParamsVideo.NumExtParam;
sts = m_pmfxEnc->Query(&m_mfxParamsVideo, &actualParams);

// Alternatively if you use encoder Init without Query
sts = m_pmfxEnc->Init(&m_mfxParamsVideo);


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