Not able to connect "Intel Media SDK AAC Decoder"

Not able to connect "Intel Media SDK AAC Decoder"

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I am trying to build an application which play back AAC files.

I am connecting ---> --->

The Source filter is not able connect with the AAC decoder.

I tried the same in graph edit, it says "These filters can not agrre on
a connection. Verify type compatibility of Input pin and Output pin".

Any one has idea on this?
How can I playback the AAC files?

Please help....


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Still facing the same problem...

Any help is appreciated....


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Hi Raghavendra, Such usage model of AAC decoder filter is not supported.
Media SDK is a product for video processing and audio filters are provided for compatibility sake. They are intended to be used in chains with Intel Media SDK Splitters - to decode and encode the audio stored in containers together with video. A filter (Source, Splitter) connecting to the AAC decoder must support "push" model of data flow. FileSource likely has different model. You may try experimenting with other Source Filters and maybe find something like SourcePush. Another option is to wrap the video into container and use with a Splitter. Regards, Nina

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Thanks for your input. I will try to decode with push source.


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