Are there any speeds posted of h.264 compression speeds

Are there any speeds posted of h.264 compression speeds

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Are there any speeds postedon the milliseconds it takesto compress HD sized frames and or 2k or 4k
frames using h.264 compressionusin variousquad core processors and memory configurations?


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Hi ChicagoBob

There are no speeds posted. We dont post performance numbers on pre-released platforms. Also, performance will vary with the clip, format, bitrate, quality level, etc.


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It would be interesting to find a baseline for comparison. X Bit rate with compressor X or Y and Intel.. But of course its all relative.

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This is excellant news. From the AnAndTech review it looks like you easily can encode 4 HD streams simultaneously in realtime. (HD 1800 @ 29.97 fps) using Intel QuickSync.
Would I be wrong?

For years I have back burnered a project that I might bring back since this hardware has finally caught up to my media needs.

Thanks a bunch for the links.

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