interfacing fortran with odbc complient databases

interfacing fortran with odbc complient databases

I've been learning fortran for 2 weeks and I have to convert an existing fortran program so that it takes all its input data from an Access database instead of from text files, which it currently does.

Searching through the online documentation provided with cvf6.6, and this forum, I am lead to believe that fortran cannot directly access an odbc complient database unless I use f90sql or make it a mixed language program having all the database interactions coded in the other language (in this case, c++).

So my question is: Am I right in this assumption? The assumption being that I have to use f90sql or another laguage to handle the database interactions?

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Well, "cannot" is a bit strong. You could use the Module Wizard to get at the COM services of Access, but f90SQL is really the way to go here. In MSVC, you're using a library that MS has written, it's not inherent in the language itself.


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