troubles with using Enhanced Video Renderer

troubles with using Enhanced Video Renderer

I want to develop a video conference system running on Intel i3 platform with hardware decoding capability enabled by Intel Media SDK. I noticed that EVR supports NV12 input so it can be connected directly with the "Intel h.264 decoder"(the sample decoder in Media SDK). I tried to drag "Intel h.264 decoder" into GRAPHEDIT and connect it to Enhanced Video Renderer.As the graph was started ,the GRAPHEDIT showed it worked well,but no video window was shown.So how canI deal with this problem?Thank u 4 helping me!

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I am suspect that theres a problem between the decoder and EVR. EVR is a very common rendering filter, and I use it all the time. Have you tried to view the encoded stream with any other decoder? Could there be problems with the MyColorSpaceCovert filter? Please elaborate on any debugging you have done, and include version and platform information if you could.



Hello Eric,
Thanks for your reply! I've tackled this problem by changing another DS gragh edit tool.



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