Application Submission .msi file size limitation

Application Submission .msi file size limitation

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Hi, I would like to check with people in the forum on the file size limitation of the .msi file for upload. I am trying to upload .msi file and I am getting a error. Is their any limitation on the size of the .msi file? If so, whats the max file size. Thanks in Advance. regards Sunil
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The maximum size is 2 GB. You can exceed this with a few modifications. Please see this link where this subject was recently discussed:

I terms of errors during MSI submission, most people end up having internet connectivity issues. Please try another computer to (with another internet connection) to verify this.

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Although the above explanation is technically correct, it does not apply to MSI's uploaded in the dashboard. For this to work, it would need to accept multiple files.

I would have to question a > 2GB installer for most netbook categories as well. Mine average between 15 and 50 MB. Best of luck to everyone.

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