Any Tutorial for adding SDK with application?

Any Tutorial for adding SDK with application?

Hi, I am looking for step by step tutorial for integrating Intel Atom SDK with application. Other than Video present in Community. Thanks
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Here is a simple Hello World tutorial


Thank for your reply.

I was looking for it.


Some additional examples:

* On most of these, download links are on the right hand side of the page.

Hello Babi

If you want to integrate the Intel Atom sdk with visual c++ 2008 here is a quick way.Open the Sample applications supplied with the sdk in vc++ .Now use the Import and Export tool to export the settings environment and save it in a folder.Start vc++ again and start your application.Use the same Import Export tool to Import the settings you saved earlier.Now compile it.It works fine for me.


Where you able to integrate the ATOM SDK into your project? If not, I am happy to have a look at your error messages or provide code snippets.

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