Installing vcredist via App Up

Installing vcredist via App Up

Hi, The app I am working with requires vcredist to run. I have made an MSI-file that installs the program just fine and after the installation allows for installation of vcredist_x86.exe by a checkbox. However, when I submit the file, and install it via AppUp the "Oops, something weird happended" message is displayed. The MSI-file is created as by the guide in this forum, and then editting the MSI-file as per this guide This runs a .bat-file that runs the vcredist installer. Basically, after the installation is done, a .bat-file installs vcredists, as required, which works when installing by running the MSI-file, but not when installling via AppUp. Thank you, Joel
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I would suggest that you use the Package and Deployment projects native merge module functionality to install the CRT runtime. This can be accomplished by right clicking on the project in solution explorer and choosing Add -> Merge Module. Please let me know if this poses any
challenges, the link below explains in further detail:

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