Known issue & workaround per Windows 7 apps failing per permissions

Known issue & workaround per Windows 7 apps failing per permissions

The following item has been discovered and a work around established and reported here: Item Name: AppUp Client on Windows 7 fails to launch applications that require administrator permissions to run Date Reported: 8/23/10 Symptoms /Description: On Windows 7 client the app gets and Oops error and fails to load unless the user has Admin rights. Status: Investigating Resolution / Workaround: Make sure apps are installed in the Program Files folder. This is a known Windows 7 issue that apps installed outside of the Program Files folders require the UAC dialog running unless it is explicitly run as Administrator. Additionally don’t set the UAC Execution level to highestAvailable or requireAdministrator. The required setting is asInvoker. This appears to clear up most issues.
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Thanks Bob,

It would also stand to reason that developers should not apply an application manifest which requires administrator rights correct?

Yeah Brian, that is my understanding as well.


One more question to help clarify this potential issue. AppUp is effectively calling MSIexec (or equivalent) to start our MSI installers, in doing so is it passing the target folder parameter for installation?

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