Apps in wrong category

Apps in wrong category

Hi Team, I put some application in store with category selected. but Recently I browse that apps on and its in a wrong category. so is there any confusion from Intel or my side ? Rgds, Sachin Panchal
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Hello Sachin,

Which app(s)? What category should they be in? Are they correct in client?

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program
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My app "4 Toddlers" are in wrong category too. I have select Home and Lifestyle as primary category and Entertaiment as a second category. But app has been published in the Utilities category.


Hi Dmitry,

That's same thing happened with me. Previously my phone diary app is in Business as both category but it shows in Utilities. But now I changed it to Utilities. Also same with Global Conversion app.

Sachin Panchal

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