How to add IntelAppUp to Meego 1.2

How to add IntelAppUp to Meego 1.2

Does anyone have an idea? I tried downloading Meego rpm and adding to no avail. Help!
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Hi dennis-murray:

Did you download from here:

Can you describe the errors that you are seeing?



No errors. I do not know how to install it on the device. Meego 1.2 is installed. But I miss a guideline on hoe to installe the intellapup client in Meego 1.2
All I see is download here after login.
Then what should we do?

Hi dennis-murray:

You can open up a terminal.
Go to where the RPM package is and issue this command:

$ sudo rpm -ivv


This solution is works for me.
1. Download the AppUp client
2. Launch terminal
3. Type in the terminal window

su your_password
cd Downloads
sudo zypper install

than answer y

Any ideas on how we can do installations from the GUI itself instead of terminal? I mean without going to terminal and running commands. I think we don't have administrator/root access while in UI so we can't do those stuff. My question is how to install RPM just by double-clicking?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but what I got from GDC is that there is no way at this time to install it from the GUI. You must go into the terminal, which means you must have a USB keyboard attached to the tablet.

Which was irritating to me because I don't travel with a keyboard x.x

I received mine at GDC as well. So even if we want to import video files, mp3, etc from an SD card or USB HD we still have to do that from a terminal? Anyone with commands how to access those media?

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