Meego packaging and compliance clarifiction?

Meego packaging and compliance clarifiction?

Hello At meego article I came across one important point on SPEc 3.1.1 ((com.companyname.appname)) is required.. As per the above article. So i want to know about Domain name.. is it about An URL pls calrify Or i idid not get the meaning of that point correctly? Thanks
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I have the same question. I can use my domain like this com.palewar.appname but how to change the name of package? As whenever I build its automatically build as appname-versionno-i586.rpm.

I can always rename the rpm to com.domain.appname but that's just external naming. Internal name of package when its installed on Meego remains the same. A little more clarification will be appreciated.

Is there any update on my issue please give some information
Is Meego application publishing requires a website
and early reply will be help full


This requirement is for avoiding name clashing and is not about having or needing a URL for your application. You can simply change the name of your RPM file for the external name and internally you can select which directory your application is installed to by modifying the line ...


which is your QtCreator project file.

Thanks for update and clearing the confusion about "Domain naming "requirements.

After some more testing it seems that target.path doesn't fix the internal naming problem. We'll continue looking at this and open a bug if necessary.

We were just informed by Intel support that we also need to do following:

"you will need to modify the spec file inside your source folder. The spec file is auto generated by Qt Creator after you first create the package. You need to remove “%{_prefix}” from last line of the spec file and regenerate your rpm file."

Please refer to this arctile which has the above details and more

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