No winner for Best App to Watch and Listen

No winner for Best App to Watch and Listen

Just received this: On behalf of the Intel AppUpSM developer challenge, thank you for entering your application to the “Best App to Watch and Listen” category. The judges have reviewed all entries from the pool of entrants. Unfortunately, none of the applications entered met the specified criteria outlined in the official rules for this category. There will be no winner selected for the “Best App to Watch and Listen” category. and three minutes later: Intel AppUp Developer Program would like to recall the message, "Intel AppUp Developer Challenge "Best App to Watch and Listen"". What exactly criteria do you mean? What's going on!? ("recall")
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And after recalling the first message, I got the same email as the first news, so no winner for this contest. Everything sounds like a joke.

Hi Valerian,

We apologize for the confusion. We had an issue with our email server and decided to pull the original message.

Unfortunately our message was not a joke. We recieved good submissions, but none of them met our "best of" requirements for the "Watch and Listen" category. They will all be considered for the grand prizes.

Below is an except from our Official Rules on requirments:

"3. Criteria of Winning Submission

The judges will evaluate all application submissions in the Intel AppUpSM developer challenge based on how well they deliver a compelling value proposition on a netbook and/or tablet Intel® Atom™ based device. For example, an innovative user interface, a new usage model, a user experience designed for a mobile, always connected audience, and more.

The category and grand prize winners will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Quality and Functionality – Is the application fully functional and runs successfully on Intel® Atom™ based devices? Does the application demonstrate all the basic functionality expected from an app of this type? Does the application install easily with no issues and minimum amount of clicks, does it run without crashing? Do all links and features work? How appealing is the UI? On a 1-5 scale - baseline is 3 = meeting all basic functions; deduct point(s) if basic/expected function are not included. Add point(s) if advanced features exist.

Uniqueness - Does the application use established technology in unique way? Is it an advanced usage model we normally don’t see? Is it interacting with other devices/platforms? Baseline is 1 with points added for each positive trait.

Usability/Creativity – demonstrate superior user experience (UI, graphics, etc.) by leveraging latest technologies. How well is the application developed? Does the look and feel seem professional, is it easy to navigate and understand. Is the application responsive to inputs? Does it deliver the expected user experience? Judge based on look and feel, ease of use and responsiveness. Baseline is 1 with points added for each positive trait.

Market Potential – ability to fulfill consumers’ need/customer adoption. Is this an established title? Does it have a following? Does it appeal to a large demographic or is it a niche app?

Bonus points - Is the app contextually aware? Does the application demonstrate augmented reality? Does the application provide a location based service? Does the application share/synchronize data across devices? Is it a multi-touch gaming application? 1 point for each “yes” answer."


Kira, thank you for the response.

Personally, I'm gonna quit this developer program.

I think purely from the LEGAL standpoint I would like to SUGGEST that Intel team should ask some of Intel US attorneys
to review those messages and supervise the selection process. Not only that such dubious conduct does not behoove Intel,
this might be indicative of either bad faith or lack of due diligence. Please bring Intel to order in this regard, we are expecting more
of Intel and would like to accumulate confidence that this is not kindergarden developer program for 6year olds.

Also as for marketing the email is a JUNK FOLDER that no one monitors.

Thank you

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