Simulator on 64-bit Windows

Simulator on 64-bit Windows

As it is now, KQEMU does not support 64-bit Windows. Are there any plans to add support for other virtualization solutions such as VMWare or VirtualBox in the future or is there any work going on the add 64-bit support to KQEMU? This is important to people (like me) who cross-develop on Qt also for Symbian targets as there is no Linux toolchain for Symbian.
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Hi mikolas

The current virtualization driver for QEMU is undergoing a rewrite. The result should be a very much improved 32 and 64 bit experience.

I don't know when it is supposed to be ready though.

Hello Daniel

I know that it's been a year since your reply. Can you provide an update on the virtualization driver for QEMU. Is this the "kqemu.sys" driver for Windows?

Much Thanks.

Hi Mikolas:

This page may help:

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