Clarification needed in Meego Netbook application development in Windows

Clarification needed in Meego Netbook application development in Windows

Hi All, I have planned to submit one application for Meego Netbooks.I have some clarification needed to continue my further developer.Following are my plan.Please correct me if i am wrong. 1)I have installed the Meego SDK 1.2 in my windows xp (Core 2 Duo) according to the 2)No i think i can develop my application using Qt creator and Qt apis. 3)I have registered my application name in my Dash Board of IntelApp site(i got the GUI) Now i have to attach the GUID to application and then need to submit the application.Please give me what are the further steps required. Please help me i am little confused about it. Regards, Vsh.Vshnu
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Hi Vsh:

The "attach the GUID to application" part is the AppUp SDK which you can download at
AppUp SDK provides API you can use AppUp services. The APIs will be where you can make use of the GUID.

AppUp SDK is optional and if you do not believe you need the services mentioned in the AppUp SDK document (you will get them after you install AppUp SDK), you can submit your app without AppUp SDK integrated.



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