Imagine that I have got an application which needs a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768, but the application must also be executed with a lower resolution like: 1024x 600, and if the application change the screen resolution and once the restore to its previous state, the application is accepted?
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Hello Ericaintel,

sorry, I don't understand the core of your question:
every application has to run at 1024x600. This way it is usable also on Netbooks. But, of course, it may also be used with higher resolutions.

Best regards

ok... thanks you Andreas

It sounds like you are asking if it is ok that the application appears in a higher resolution then immediately changes to the correct resolution.

If that is the case: I see no reason why this would cause a validation failure. I would question though why not query the display size during initialization to prevent the first undesired appearance.

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