Assistance needed on Client/server and Client/Web based apps.

Assistance needed on Client/server and Client/Web based apps.

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Hi, Need help on 2 issues: 1> App is in client/server (not chat or any communication based app). The application consists of Server ( series of Executable files, .Exe & .dll), Database (Any standard RDBMS) and client part (min. 25 seats license). In order to publish the app do I need to get 2 GUIDs (1 for client & 1 for server) and how would the full process work on IADP particularity during validation and post validation(Customer's End) as single MSI won't be possible in this case. I short, would multiple MSIs be possible on IADP? 2> Next app has 1 Win32 (WPF or Silverlight form) and it fetches data from a web page (ASPX) which needs to execute locally and remotes with pre compiled web app hosted on shared server. In short the shared web app does most of part, compiles, pre fetches the data in identified user group (some thing on the lines ADFS) , identifies the requesting Form (there is only 1 empty form, but depending who is requesting the data, from which department, from which IP address etc.) & uses cache burst to populate the data. This app supports Win 32 clients, web pages, Hosted WF & Windows Mobiles. The app is currently used by 3 clients & I would to make it available on Appup. Problems I foresee in this app are : a)Do I need multiple GUID? b)If yes how would multiple GUID integrate with each other? If not how do I ensure the safety of my app? c) Currently under Deployment scenario, the customer already has a web site( Self hosted or Shard hosted) & I distribute the ASP.Net part on the web under privileged folders to be accessed by Passport or ADFS.( I thought about Intel's Web app idea, but the entire solution is based on Full trust. So I'd to rule it out). Client executable are distributed separately and regular updates are made available using my B & R system.(I use TFS for it). Please suggest some ideas. Thanks a lot.
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Let me answer a few of these for you:

Your primary executable (the one linked to from the shortcut installed on the users machine) must implement the AppUp SDK

If you are implementing a client/server solution, the client seems the appropriate place to integrate the AppUp SDK. However, you may use the same GUID for the server side to ensure it is protected as well.

It sounds like your ASPX page is more of a procy or data access layer, more of a resource for the primary application. I would not add the AppUp SDK to this portion.

Each submission only needs one unique GUID.

If you prefer to have just the desktop environment it is very simple to read a web page in

If My.Computer.Network.IsAvailable Then
My.Computer.Network.DownloadFile(myURL, myFilename)

as long as the web page at myURL is readable and myFilename is a file your app can write to you should be all set

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I suggest that if you use any web scraping functionality that you :

1.) Test for and catch internet connectivity issues
2.) Present a helpful dialog if a connection issue occurs, detailing to the user what to check (firewall etc.)

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Thanx for the posts. The condition is Server boots--> Auto Checks for updates ( 1 thread)--> accepts multiple protocols based multiple clients, updates the callers with Internal ID based on Principal ID allocated to Clients. When the client requests information, rather than redoing the process of authentication onwards, what I prefer is create a DB on the fly on all clients & maintain state locally, use cache burst to populate the request. This is where Server updates its state , client reflects the changes and this whole process is facilitated by web page. My original question was related to existence of Web page. How do I fit in the ASPX ( and supported extensions, which are needed to populate a .aspx page) as I also need a web server. If I decide to get rid of the server & add the Functionality then it'd be 3rd Assembly.
By the way application is for BFSI, mainly Insurance part and is aimed at Chapter 11 cases pending.

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