Integrate InMarket SDK

Integrate InMarket SDK

Hi i have developed an air application please let me know how can i integrate it with "InMarket SDK"
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I'm running into issues integrating the AIR Licencing SDK in my application as the latest supported SDK is Flex 4.1 + AIR 2.5 which is *very* old now and Adobe is not running Flex 4.5 + AIR 2.6 on Android / iOS. AIR 2.5 is not supported anymore for Mobile projects. Is Adobe AIR support over ? i can't post anything new on the Adobe AIR forums, are they closed?

Thanks for the clarifications,

If you need the error stack, there it is :

Error: Unsupported AIR namespace in the application descriptor (-app.xml) file. Only 1.5.3, 2.0 and 2.5 namespaces are supported in this version of licensing SDK.
at com.adobe.licensing.controllers::LicenseProvider()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose_-_1.0.1/]
at ProviderLoader/fileIOErrorHandler()[/home/esbuilder/Melrose_-_1.0.1/]


Having the same problem as Fabien :-(

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