Thanks for the help and some feedback...

Thanks for the help and some feedback...

Hi Validation Team, Thanks for finishing and approving 2 of my 4 java apps I really appreciate it! the following is some observations: 1. Somtimes even for the validation team it appears the latest app is not shown to you even though beta testing was completed. 2. Jars submitted sometimes disappear from Appup so you only get the last one not the one submitted and tested. I am not sure what causes this but it has happened 2 times for me. 3. Packaging is broken and breaks the program arguments. The only workaround here is to embedded the args into the app or check the jars after the packaging util is done and fix it. 4. Content setting is being applied to browser in my app and requested to change to 17+. I actually use the users browser so whatever security settings they have are applied to what I use and this was by design. So if a library has secure content settings I get the same. I am not sure what Intel should do but I do change my content settings despite what the user has. Thanks and keep up the great work!! -Tony
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Thanks Tony. I have forwarded to validation team.

Hal G.
Technical Support Team
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