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Install Shield

Has anyone submitted software to AppUp that uses Install Shield to build setup projects?
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I know several developers who have, and passed. Are you facing some difficulty in creating an MSI standards compliant installer using Install Shield?

Normally, we use VS2008 to pound out both an application and its setup project. A colleague, doubtless slightly disoriented by the recent drama in Venezuela, opted to develop in VS2010 Express. It does not come with the ability to create a setup project. That leaves one several choices:
(1) regress the code back to VS2008 (2) try a hybrid solution: a VS2008 Setup that uses a VS2010 EXE (3) try Install Shield Light. It looked like staying with VS2010 and #3 would be simplest. While I think of it, has anyone distributed a SQL Server Express database on the AppUp store?

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