Frequency of updates...

Frequency of updates...

What is the minimum time between updates that the validation team can handle? I am working on enhancements for my next update and I am thinking 1 month between updates. I do not want to burn out the validation team they have done a great job but on the other hand internet time being what it is 6 months seems way too long. Thoughts? Thanks, -Tony
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Hello Tony,

you can update an application as soon as it is published.

As validation normally takes about 1 week, you should be able to update your applications once a week. But personally I would say that this would be just too much work for myself. ;-)

Best regards

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In addition to what Andreas said: Meta data updates (updates that do not involve you uploading a new installer) should occur quicker in most cases.

I have seen it happen in less than 2 hrs :]

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