GPS, Audio, and others experience with MeeGo SDK for Tablet on Linux

GPS, Audio, and others experience with MeeGo SDK for Tablet on Linux

Ok, I'll try to be as precisely as possible so we can help each other out. So I've decided to install MeeGo SDK 1.2 for Linux on my Ubuntu 10.04. As pointed on intel appup website I downloaded "meego-sdk-installer-online-20110519" and installed with no problems. Then I decided to download the image for my ExoPC tablet "meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail-" however during installation I got stuck on the never ending "Copying image to disk" page. Then after reading this forum I've decided to install a latests build instead "meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail-" and finally manage to install it. Good next step was to create a basic "Hello World" and run it on the fresh installed tablet. Fine, create new project, qt quick application, next, next, finish, done. Ran against the simulator and success. Then plugged my keyword on the Tablet, open terminal, install mad-developer, start ssh on port 22 , stop iptables just to be sure nothing would bug me. All right then, opened Qt Creator, Manage Device, Create MeeGo device configuration, click on test and BANG, device successfully created. Now let's rock!! Build and Run "Hello World" against tablet and then no errors but no app as well. Just a black screen!! So I decided to kill the app using Qt Creator, still black screen!! Looked like it has shutdown but it hasn't because I was still able to log in using ssh. Ok, restart, try it again, black screen, again and again. Let's investigate. Check my Tools>Options>Qt4 settings and notice that for tablet, madde is using version "meego-tablet-ia32-" so I've decided to try this version. Download tablet image, install, success, plug keyword, open terminal, install mad-developer, ai ai ... research, edit /etc/zypp/repos.d/1.2-oss.repo and 1.2-non-oss.repo and replace url to, zypper ref, then install mad-developer, start ssh on port 22 , stop iptables, Build and Run "Hello World" against tablet and then SUCCESS. Good "Hello World" on tablet checked. Does that mean I need to install a newer version of tablet target on Qt Creator?? Let's bring it on now!! Let's try QtMobility using QML Plugin. Create qml files that tested Location and well no_luck = 1 !! It apparently complain it that doesn't have Qt.Mobility installed then "zypper install libdeclarative-location" and try again. This time no error, pero no location either. I got it doesn't have GPS but what about Wifi?? Ok, move on. Create qml files that tested Multimedia Plugin and well no_luck++ !! Well partially even tough I was able to play WAV, I had no luck playing MP3. It has some missing plugin, then install codecs "sudo zypper ar community && sudo zypper refresh" "sudo zypper install ffmpeg faac faad2 gstreamer-ffmpeg gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-uggly mpeg2dec libmatroska libdvdnav libdvdread lame x264" And try again, this time SUCCESS. Does that mean that meego tablet won't play mp3 out of the box?? If then, what should I add in to my project so it will be installed during installation. SORRY if the text end up getting to long, it has being a long day
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I still haven't figure this whole thing out. PLEASEEE, any feedback would be welcome.

1) Why doesn't 'libdeclarative-location' came pre-installed on MeeGo Tablet? And why once installed won't use WIFI to return a location?

2) What are the audio files supported by Meego Tablet? What do I have to add in my project so it would install any package required to play MP3??

3) Why when I compile my project using a "meego-tablet-ia32-" target against a "meego-tablet-ia32-pinetrail-" tablet I end up facing a black-screen? Am I the only one having this problem?

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