More then one empty page

More then one empty page

Will you make it so we can add more then one empty page as this is very limiting seen. Im trying to make a basic app for cadets so I would like a page with ranks, courses, knots, sea cadet unit locations etc and its very difficult to do with a homepage and one empty page. Thank You
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This is a current limitation of the beta release. We are working on allowing for multiple instance of the same widgets. Stay tune. :)


Maybe this will help you still acheive your goal. It's not an elegant way, but will work. I'm not sure how many pages do you need, but you can use the following widgets and modify the content in the pages:

1. Welcome
2. Blank
3. Support
4. About

All these widgets have controls in them and can be removed individually to allow for your custom needs.

Hope this helps,

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