Help Linking.

Help Linking.


I'm having a real tough time linking Havok. I've been trying for a few hours now, which is insane, I always get the same problems no matter what I do. I've even tried following a few "Hello World" tutorials I found via google. Same problem. I get lots of "already defined in x.obj" problems and even a couple "unresolved external symbols"( these in particular are confusing me as I'm definetely reference the lib in question ). I've searched around and noticed that others have had similar problems but those threads haven't helped me. :(

I'm using a precompiled header that looks like this:

The libraries and precompiler definitions I'm using are these:

The errors:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :)

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Nm, I've solved it. :)

Hey Emilia R.-

If you can, please post your solution as well. That way, the next person looking through the forums for an answer might find yours!


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I ended up moving headers around.

My precompiled header looks like this:
My entry source looks like this:

It now links and I can connect to the visual debugger. I've tested rigid bodies and those work. :)

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