NetCDF and WRF

NetCDF and WRF

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I would like to know wich is the best compiler and linux version to use NetCDF and WRF without any problems?

I need to install C++ and Fortran for run WRF meteorological model forecast and should run fast.


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My machine have a DEX Procesador Intel Core i5-3450 (3.1,6MB,1155) and Fedora 17. I have installed Intel(R) Composer XE 2013, C++ and Fortran, but I don't understand how to know where is it in my machine, the equivalent of the help exemple :

Hardware: The steps in this guide have been tested on Intel® Core™2 Duo processors Software: This guide applies to version 10.0 of the Intel Compilers.
$ source /opt/intel/cce/
$ source /opt/intel/fce/

and It seems that ifort and f90 or f95 doesn't work.

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The script in your installation takes care of both the iccvars and ifortvars. If you didn't pay attention to the screen echoes during installation, you can find it (in a default installation) by
find /opt/intel -name
Adjust your path for the source command, and add intel64 at the end (ia32 if struggling with 32-bit OS).

Very little should have changed since the instructions were posted, other than the newer compiler version, and the possibility you may want newer versions of the applications.

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