Issues in Getting code sign certificate

Issues in Getting code sign certificate

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It has become a huge challenge with getting code sign certificate. I tried getting code sign certificate from Intel app developer dashboard link. But it never worked and always showed internal error message in Comodo web site. Inspite of sending lot of mails to Comodo and Intel could not get support and  certificate. Then I went and tried to purchase code sign certificate from GoDaddy (who is one of the authorised CA's). But now I get a reply from GoDaddy that they dont issue certificate to individuals and they can issue only to companies which are registered with Minsitry of corporate affairs (india). I thought Intel App dev store encourages independent developers to build and pubish. But because of code signing validation its working otherwise.  Could anyone please advise as how I can proceed as Comodo is not working and others (Godaddy) does not want to give to freelancers.

Looking forward for some positive reply.

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I know, this certifcate issue is a huge barrier for independent developers to participate in the store.

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