H264 Directshow filter - add fps conversion support

H264 Directshow filter - add fps conversion support


I'm trying to add fps conversion to the directshow H264 encoder filter.

To my understand, I need to set the struct members CEncVideoFilter::m_mfxParamsVPP.vpp.Out.FrameRateExtN and FrameRateExtD to the correct values.

Am I correct? Is there something else I need to do?

Also, how do I change the mediatype of the output pin? where is it implemented?

Thank you


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Hi Koby,

That is correct. vpp.In.FrameRateExtN/D and vpp.Out.FrameRateExtN/D will control frame rate conversion operation. For details and example on how to use frame rate conversion refer to the "sample_vpp" console sample part of the SDK.

For mediatype control check out "filter_def.h" and "mfx_filter_register.h".


Thank you Peter,
I will check sample_cpp asap .


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