ifort: command line warning #10122:

ifort: command line warning #10122:


I use ifort 11.1.072 with the following comman line:

ifort -D__EFL -DNOSTDCALL -DARGTRAIL -O3 -DPCWIN64_SYS -DPCWINX64_SYS -DPCWINNT_SYS -DCADOE_ANSYS -Qfpp -nbs -4Yportlib -4Ya /c /Fo.\ /DFORTRAN /MD /W0 /object:"..\objects"\ /module:"..\modules"\ /include:%I

and I get the following warning for every source file:

ifort: command line warning #10122: overriding '/object.\' with '/object..\objects\'

I want to get rid of the warning messages.

Please can anyone explain to me, what is wrong in the ifort commant.



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I have solved my problem by myself. The reason for the warning message is, that the options /Fo.\ and /object:"..\objects"\ do the same using different directories and therefore the second option overwrite the first option.

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