Any plans to extend the support for Linux?

Any plans to extend the support for Linux?


I would like to develop a sign language using the SDK. But i have to do it for Linux, I was wondering if Intel is planning to provide the SDK for linux as well?


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It is something we are considering but we are not announcing any plans at this time to support Linux. Thanks, David

Hi David, any update on Linux drivers? More specifically, for Ubuntu and maybe even a Robotic Operating System interface :)

Any update on this ?'



as a company we develop multiplatform products (linux and windows).

In order to decide to adopt Perceptual SDK or continue to use our current platform, we need to know if Linux support is going to be delivered.

I was actually buying the first camera to start "sw investigation" when I've found this topic and actually stopped.

Might someone give any further detail on this?

Thank you in advance.


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