Compile with intel fortran pro 11.1 051

Compile with intel fortran pro 11.1 051

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i compiled my program using the compiler intel fortran pro 11.1 051. When i compile my program, i have this warning  "ifort: command line warning #10212: /fp:precise evaluates in source precision with Fortran." that appears. To avoid this message i changed in the GUI >project >properties>floating point > floatin point model > /fp precise by /fp:source but anathing not change, I have always the same massage that appear.

 someone can help me on this point????


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/fp:precise in ifort is the same as /fp:source. The message is only (mis-)informative, not an indication of an error. These options include the useful standard compliance effects of /assume:protect_parens /Qprec-div /Qprec-sqrt and (not so often useful) -Qftz-. They also disable optimization of sum reductions, unless the !dir$simd reduction() directives are used.

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