About syntax highlighting

About syntax highlighting

I am using intel fortran with MSVS 2010, Everything is fine except the syntax highlighting.

When I using the debugger, the files that already opened would have the highlighting, but when jumping to other files which are not already opened, the syntax is gone.

For example, I have a.f90 and b.f90. a.f90 call a subroutine in b.f90 but b.f90 is not opened currently. Then I start the debugger and step into the subroutine. After that b.f90 will be opened without highlighting.

Does anyone have the same issue? Is there a solution?

Any help will be appreciate!

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Yes. I just read your post IanH. Steve said they were going to fix it.
Is it fixed now? I can't find a list of changes on line.

Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks. I'll install the update 1 tomorrow.

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