Simple demo but not multithreaded?

Simple demo but not multithreaded?

You can see that guy in a demo : simple.cpp,and he says you can find it too in your havok folder.I found something similar:

demo/standalone demos/ConsoleExampleMt

But that example uses multithreading,and I don't want it.I just makes the code harded to read.Is there just a simple example like the guy on youtube has?

You can see there is a lot less code in his project than in the one above.Also,I tried reading through the code of the multithreaded one,but I failed,it's too much stuff for a beginner,I just want to know how to start and shutdown havok!

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Hi Turda:

"Simple Demo" is created manually in the previous video tutorial:

This demo is base on our demo framework which I suggest beginners can have a look.

If you'd like to embed havok in your game system, our Demo\StandAloneDemos\StepByStep demo will be a good start point. For example, you can try:
It is quite simple, singlethreaded ,and also shows how to init/deinit havok stuff.


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