Error Message when generating JSON Reply

Error Message when generating JSON Reply


New to the Intel SOAE tool and trying to generate a JSON response from an xml document, however I am getting the following error message (see below) when I try to transform the xml to json using the soae-xf:json-serialize function.

" Uncaught BPEL fault (In function {}doXslTransform: doXslTransform stylesheet compilation failure: cache proxy retrieve failed for .. in State[SelfRetrievalPending] could not be retrieved because of [unsupported retrieval protocol aside from `soae-cache', `file' and `http(s)']]) executing instruction #65: EVALUATE_EXPRESSION ['bpws:doXslTransform(soae-xf:json-serialize('utf-8','none',$response,'indent'),$response)' => #tmp1 (id=18)][file=../app/AddressVerification.bpel, line=483, path=/bpws:process[1]/bpws:sequence[1]/bpws:sequence[1]/bpws:if[1]/bpws:sequence[1]/bpws:extensionActivity[1]/soae-ab:XSLTransform[1]/bpws:scope[1]/bpws:sequence[1]/bpws:assign[1]/bpws:copy[1]/bpws:from[1], name=transformToJSON]"

Not sure as to what could be causing the issue 

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Nähere Informationen zur Compiler-Optimierung finden Sie in unserem Optimierungshinweis.

Are you using the function in expression block, can you elaborate on your method of implemenattion in services designer?

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