IPP H264 performance issues with multi-threads

IPP H264 performance issues with multi-threads

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Dear All,

I'm developing a transcoding unit with IPP libraries. So, I need multiple instances of encoder and decoder. Especially with H264, it seems not to be scalable with a multi-threaded environment. With one or two H264 encoder and decoder instances (30fps@VGA), there is no huge performance problem. But, if I use more and more H264 encoder and decoder instances, CPU increases dramatically.

The only answer I found in this forum is "DO NOT USE OPENMP". But, the problem is that with Xeon E5620 @ 2.4GHz CPU, I cannot decode and encode a H264 30fps@VGA stream in real time without OpenMP support.

Please tell me if I missed something.


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Disabling the internal threading is one way when you are using the nested threading case.
Another way to reduce the CPU usage is discuss here:


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Thanks for your answers.

I've already tried to call IPP H264 functions with only one thread to avoid the nested threading case, but I cannot use the whole CPU fully.
I think disabling the internal threading is the only way i can use with multiple instances of H264 encoder & decoder.
If you have any experience with multiple instances of H264 encoder & decoder, please tell me.


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