Enabling GPU capability for Atom Processor N2800

Enabling GPU capability for Atom Processor N2800

Hello Guys,

We have installed EMGD driver version 1.15 on our Embedded Intel® Atom™ Processor N2800 with Intel® NM10 Express Chipset and we are trying to use GPU capability,but some how the driver is not detetcing the GPU(i.e we could not see any OpenGL support form the driver).
All we can see is windows opengl 1.1.0
Can you please help us in enabling the GPU capability for our hardware.

Thank you,Venki

System Engineer

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Dear Venki,

the EMGD drivers are supported directly by the Intelligent Systems Group that develops them. I cannot provide much insight into why the GPU is not being detected in this forum.

I think the best route for you would be to go to http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/embedded/designcenter/contactus and resubmit your question in the Embedded Community Forum: http://embedded.communities.intel.com/community/en

Sorry for not being of more help.

Thanks, Rob

Thank you Rob.
I will do that.

Kind Regards,

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