Circular class reference allowed?

Circular class reference allowed?

I think I have got myself into trouble and I would like someone to verify for me that I am in fact doing something that is illegal.

I have a type that has multiple derived type that has a pointer to another type that has multiple derived types, thus I use the

type :: child_type

class(parent_type), pointer :: cb

! other stuff including a contains and procedures

end type child_type

! several more child types derived from original child_type

type :: parent_type

class(child_type), pointer :: orb

end type parent_type

! a couple of more parent types

When I do this, it gives me an error saying that the name must have an explicit type for the "class(parent_type), pointer :: cb" line.

Is there a trick to make it work?


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Please post the actual code that gives you the error. The paraphrase you posted does not - at least not in 12.1.5 or 13.0.1. Which specific compiler version are you using?


Version I'm using: Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler XE for applications running on IA-32, Version Build 20110112.

I've been commenting out and removing stuff from a version of the file to see if it something else causing it.

module Orbit

  implicit none
  type :: cbody_type

    integer :: plid = -1

    logical :: spkdata = .false.
    real*8  :: mu = 0

    real*8  :: radii(3) = 0

    real(8) :: vol_radius = 0

    real*8  :: flattening = 0
    character*(20) :: cbname = ""
    class(orbit_type), pointer :: ephem => null()
!  contains
  end type cbody_type
  type, extends(cbody_type):: custom_cbody_type

    integer :: astid
  end type custom_cbody_type
  type :: orbit_type  ! top level class

    integer                         :: etype  = 0 
    class(cbody_type), pointer        :: cbody => null()
 ! contains

!    procedure :: posvel => orbit_rv  ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

!    procedure :: setorb => orbit_set ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

  end type orbit_type
  type, extends(orbit_type) :: rvorbit_type

    ! base coordinate system is EMO 2000 which is in spice called EclipJ2000

    integer :: conic = 0 ! -1: rectilinear, 0: undefined, 1: circle, 2: ellipse, 3: parabola, 4: hyperbola
    real*8  :: elements(6) = 0 ! position and velocity at epoch

    real*8  :: epoch = 0       ! epoch of elements

    real*8  :: input(6)        !

    real*8  :: itype           ! input type variable described by orbin

    procedure :: posvel => rvorbit_rv  ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

    procedure :: setorb => rvorbit_set ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

  end type rvorbit_type
  type, extends(orbit_type) :: spkorbit_type

    integer :: spiceid

    procedure :: posvel => spkorbit_rv  ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

    procedure :: setorb => spkorbit_set ! dummy procedure which can pass to lower procedure

  end type spkorbit_type
  type :: orblist_type

    class(orbit_type), pointer :: orbit => null ()

  end type orblist_type
  type :: cblist_type

    class(cbody_type), pointer :: cb => null ()

  end type cblist_type
  character(30) :: spicekernel = 'spice.ker'

  integer :: frame = 0 ! 0 is default EMO2000

  character(30) :: framename = 'ECLIPJ2000'
  type (cblist_type)             :: cblist(0:12)

  class(orbit_type),pointer      :: current_orbit => null()

  type(orblist_type)             :: saved_orbits(10)

Bild des Benutzers Steve Lionel (Intel)

Ok - almost three years old. I can reproduce the error with that version but not one that is slightly newer (12.0.5) or anything after that. Please upgrade. Your code is fine.


Alright. Now the process of begging IT to let me use a version they haven't "approved". Yay for standardization. Thanks for the confirmation Steve.

I've put in the request, but I doubt that I can get the update prior to losing my funding for this project. I'm going to reformulate my approach. If I have a top level type of each that doesn't contain that pointer, then a derived type that does, then I should be able to make it work. I could then make all of the derived types be the children that are of the top level types right now. Since we don't have direct type casting in this language, I don't think there will be an issue, as it would have to go through the Select Type construct anyway.

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