Explanations about "Time Use" and "Elapsed Time" for Intel MPI with Torque

Explanations about "Time Use" and "Elapsed Time" for Intel MPI with Torque


On the cluster of our University (nodes with 2 hexacores proc.) we get strange values for the "Time Use" in our Job Manager (Torque/Maui).

Which programs compute the "Time Use" value (the job manager or Intel MPI) ? I think Torque. But does Torque receive information from Intel MPI ?

Where can I find more Informations about the computations of "Time Use" and "Elapsed Time" ?

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Hi Guillaume,

I believe this is something completely calculated within Torque*. Please check with their support for more information. I'll check with our team to see if we provide anything for it. However, I would expect that, since this should work for any program, it comes from something completely external to MPI.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

ok. I will post on the Torque list.

If you get some Infos from your team, please let me know.


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