Jpeg Transcoding like UIC i.e. CJPEGTranscoder

Jpeg Transcoding like UIC i.e. CJPEGTranscoder

i found this cool stuff in the samples:


which fits exact my requierments, see also for great explanation graphic

The problem is that i don't uderstand how to use this C-Sample.

I'm familar with the C++ UIC - Samples which use CJPEGDecoder like


I'm searching for a C++ class like CJPEGTranscoder, which allows me to call a method like Mirror() or Rotate180():

Can anyone of the experts help ?

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No, UIC's JPEG decoder class is not doing Mirror or Rotate. But you can extend its functionality as long as you can get data address and image dimensions using IPP ippiMirror and IppiRorate functions.



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