help with phonegab

help with phonegab


I'm interesting to learn phonegab, but I don't have a good manual, what are you recommend me?

JudLup Luna
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Nähere Informationen zur Compiler-Optimierung finden Sie in unserem Optimierungshinweis.

check this page from Adobe:
Depends on which OS you're familiar with and what machine you have.

The full list of APIs are also listed there as well. We have a list of samples for PhoneGap. In the Intel HTML5 dev IDE, select the "PhoneGap" category from the menu "File > Import Samples", a dialog will appear with a list of samples.


Thanks Jeniifer you are very kind!!!!!

JudLup Luna


You could start by the HelloWorld exemple ( -

PhoneGab contains a huge number of API and I advice you to start from scratch.

Good luck!

i think if you get through all this: you'll know phonegab

Esprit Mobile

try the link that sana provide is very usfual


The process of phonegap is bit complicated.

Hi all! thanks for your suggestions! im trying to make an app with push notifications, who know about it?

JudLup Luna


I used appmobi for thjs purpose. It is very easy to setup.

Hi Ramith, thank you for your suggestion!

JudLup Luna

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