MSDK R3 sample_decode.exe reports incorrect frame number count

MSDK R3 sample_decode.exe reports incorrect frame number count

It seems in some cases, sample_decode.exe reports an incorrect frame number count during operation.

(I suspect this is known at Intel, but have no way to know for sure)

This is a minor problem, but still confusing for people working with video trying to confirm proper operation of our own new code.

When sample_decode is used on a 14,315 frame long H.264 segment, it reports the last decoded frame number as 28,619 in my tests.

But a examination of the output YUV file length confirms sample_decode wrote 14315 frames.

Interestingly, the elementary stream does not appear to be interlaced, either. 

I am using Big Buck Bunny (in the 320x180 format) for this test.

If there is a better way to report bugs, please let us know here.



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Hi Cameron,

Yes this is known decode sample issue in Media SDK 2012. It will be fixed in Media SDK 2013 which be released very soon.

If you need to fix it for 2012 SDK just remove the "++" before the m_nFrameIndex in "msdk_printf(MSDK_STRING("Frame number: %d\r"), ++m_nFrameIndex);"


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