Getting error while using random_seed()

Getting error while using random_seed()


I am doing the migration of one of my codes from AIX to Linux. In my program I am calling random_seed() function. It was compiled correclty using xlf but getting syntax error with ifort.The following is the piece of code.

call random_seed(generator=2)
call random_seed(put=iseed1(1:ksize))

Error: This is not a valid keyword.   [GENERATOR]

Please help me how to replace this routine.


Ramesh Naidu

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If GENERATOR is a keyword that works with IBM Fortran on AIX, it is a vendor extension. The Fortran standard specifies



Unless you can find a description of the algorithm used by IBM for the selection GENERATOR=2, you will have to accept the standard RNG provided by the Intel compiler, to do which you should just remove the first of your two CALL statements.

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