Camera Control from the SDK

Camera Control from the SDK

Hey, I have a few questions about camera parameter controls exposed from the SDK.

1) I've had difficulty adjusting certain parameters (White Balance, Exposure, Gain).  (using the Device::SetProperty function).  Is it possible to change these parameters during a session? 

2) What, if any, processing is being done on the color image before it is accessible by the SDK?

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Nähere Informationen zur Compiler-Optimierung finden Sie in unserem Optimierungshinweis.

I have forwarded your question to our development team and it will be back to you soon. Thanks, David

Are you trying to change params on color stream from Creative camera or from web-camera?

Support of dynamic param change may depend on your camera driver.

Please check status code retured by SetProperty, is it ok (>= PXC_STATUS_NO_ERROR) or error (< PXC_STATUS_NO_ERROR).

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