Which hand? (OnAlert)

Which hand? (OnAlert)

I have my OnAlert callback working but the body data flag is always LABEL_BODY_HAND_LEFT? Code is simple enough:

void PXCAPI MyPipeline::OnAlert(PXCGesture::Alert *data)




PXCGesture::Alert::Label label = data->label;

PXCGesture::GeoNode::Label nodeLabel = data->body;




I'm sure this would have been flagged up on here earlier if this was a bug, can anyone confirm that they can detect which hand has been discovered?




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Just to clarify.

It seems the left hand is always flagged up first, then the second hand is flagged as the right hand, regardless of whether this is correct or not. I think this is norml behaviour if the sdk does not know which hand it is. The problem is that this seems to be always?

I may be able to adjust my app to deal with this.


Yes, it's a known limitation. The SW cannot reliably detect left and right hands. So the first comes into the view is the left (or primary) and the second the right (or the secondary) hand.


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