TBB 4.1 update 2 release is available on our OSS site.

TBB 4.1 update 2 release is available on our OSS site.

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TBB 4.1 Update 2 stable release is available for download on our site

Changes (w.r.t. TBB 4.1 Update 1):

- Objects up to 128 MB are now cached by the tbbmalloc. Previously
the threshold was 8MB. Objects larger than 128 MB are still
processed by direct OS calls.
- concurrent_unordered_multiset and concurrent_unordered_multimap
have been added, based on Microsoft* PPL prototype.
- Ability to value-initialize a tbb::atomic<T> variable on construction
in C++11, with const expressions properly supported.

Community Preview Features:

- Added a possibility to wait until all worker threads terminate.
This is necessary before calling fork() from an application.

Bugs fixed:

- Fixed data race in tbbmalloc that might lead to memory leaks
for large object allocations.
- Fixed task_arena::enqueue() to use task_group_context of target arena.
- Improved implementation of 64 bit atomics on ia32.

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