Stuck Floating Liceses

Stuck Floating Liceses

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We have a pool of intel comiler licenses which should be sufficient normally for use. But it occurs often that some licenses were held for many days by hanging instances of icc from different users.  My theory is that these hanging instances may be a result of one interrupting the commpiler when it is compiling. But it seems elusive and hard to reproduce. It just happens from time to time. Is this a common issue? Is there any good practice to avoid this?

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Maybe that a compiler crash can cause this, but it's very unlikely I think. But let me check. Which license manager are your running? I don't see any recent downloads of the Intel® Software License Manager uner your account.
I'd recommend to install the latest license manager from

Regards, Hubert.

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Hi, may i know the definition of "Floating - 2 users"? Does this mean that there will be 2 licenses provided, and the 2 licenses can be installed at many machines as we like, but, at 1 time, only max 2 machines installed with the software can be active / can access the tool.

I am looking to purchase the Intel C++ Studio XE version.

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A 2 user license would permit 2 users across a single or many machines to consult a single license server and check out licenses.  The checkouts are for a period of time, perhaps 15 minutes from last use.

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